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Akihiko Matsumoto

Akihiko Matsumoto(Japan)

Akihiko Matsumoto (松本晃彦) was born on February 14 in Tokyo, Japan. He is a composer of film and video game music. His soundtrack to the Japanese cult classic Bayside Shakedown sold over 800,000 copies in Japan and won "Best Soundtrack" at the 22nd Annual Japanese Academy Awards.

In addition to producing music for commercials in his Tokyo studio “STUDIO LIGHTS”, Akihiko has been commissioned to work as a music director for Resident Evil - one of the best known PlayStation2 titles in the world. He has also produced the music for the Japanese animated series Black Jack. The author of Black Jack is the late Osamu Tezka who also wrote Astro Boy.


Chage (Japan)

Born in 1958, Chage is probably best known as half of the Japanese pop-duo Chage and Aska (チャゲ & 飛鳥). They are one of the most successful groups in the Asian music industry, and to date they have sold over 31 million copies of their albums and singles in Japan. Currently, they are the tenth best-selling music artists in Japan.

The group was formed at the suggestion of the A&R department of the Yamaha Music Foundation at the end of the 1970s. They scored an initial hit with their single "Banri no Kawa" in 1980, and they continued to produce several smash hits in the following decade. However, thanks to the success of Aska's solo single "Hajimari wa Itsumo Ame" in 1991 and several tie-ins with TV programs, their popularity reached a peak. They continued to prosper in the first half of the 1990s. In those days, they released the 5 million-selling hits; "Yah Yah Yah", "If", "Heart", "Meguriai". The best known of these, "Say Yes" (released in 1991), is the sixth best-selling single in Japan.

They have attempted to break into the worldwide market, especially in the United States. They were the first Japanese musicians who appeared on MTV Unplugged. After failing to achieve mainstream success in the West and with the decline of their enormous commercial success in the mid '90s, they turned to their own solo works. However they have continued to release material as a duo somewhat irregularly since then.

Missing Pages Soundtrack

Missing Pages is an award winning 24 minute short movie shot entirely with a digital still camera. The photos, manipulated using a technique lovingly dubbed "fotomation" delivers a unique visual experience. Directed by Jerome Olivier and funded by the J-Pop star Chage, this short is the result of 14 months of arduous work and experimentation.

MoShang was approached to create a piece of music inspired by the film for its premiere in Second Life in August 2007. At the premiere event, director Jerome Olivier was on hand to answer questions about the short film, and MoShang performed his Upstream Downstream Mix of the soundtrack.

Missing Pages

Missing Pages


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