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PureH (Slovenia)

PureH trace the beginnings of their creation of electronic and experimental music as far back as 1993, when their first clip “Inertia” appeared. Before that, they had been gathering experience as musicians in several industrial, noise, rock, and jazz bands and played gigs around Europe. The projects Inertia, KSVLKSV, Xarq, Am I human?, Puredope and Spheres followed and 12 limited-edition albums were released over the years.

The group initially consisted of a producer and a female video artist. After performing at the festivals Break21, Lent and Art & Music, the group was joined by a drummer and bass player. They added acoustic accompaniment to the rhythms at New Rock for the first time and then at the Best Newcomer Award by the choice of radio MARS listeners. A new phase in performing was introduced at the Bumerang show - while all the old rules remained in force, the stage had gained a new member - the guitarist.

PureH have appeared on various compilation cds (music magazine Wire, 10years of K4/RS, Sbreakz, Kurbel...), at art and video festivals (Scanline, Off Rock..), on CD ROMs and in radio and TV comercials. They also performed at the World Exhibition 2000 in Hannover and have received awards for experimental music (Bumerang).



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