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Jui-chuan Chang

Chang Jui-chuan (Taiwan)

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Chang Jui-chuan (張睿銓), a Taiwanese native, is a college lecturer of English composition who released in 2006 his first hip-hop album, Genesis. While politically and historically charged, both of his Taiwanese and English lyrics are calm, poetic, and truthful, and the themes in his lyrics can be easily traced back to the roots of justice, freedom, and true brotherhood. He is also one of those ultrarare MCs whose rhymes maintain the same level of sharpness and penetration when switching to a foreign language. His crew member, DJ Point, is one of the best crossover turntablists in Taiwan , driving a powerful mixture of Eastern and Western elements beyond any genre. Their first album as a duo, Resurrection, strengthened by MoShang and Red-I & the Riddim Outlawz, was released in July 2007.

希望的所在 (Hope Is Here﹚

Genesis Vol. II Resurrection

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